Company Profile 

Strategic Division is a subsidiary division of Group Sense (International) Limited ("GSL") which was founded in June 1988 and was the world leading manufacturer of electronic dictionaries and other handheld information devices. For detailed corporate information, please visit Group Sense's website .

Strategic Division of GSL is aiming at developing value added products according to market needs by research and analysis. The division has been focusing on Japanese market making unique products such as mobile hand set for Net TV and foldable small keyboard. Apart from Japanese market, we are now stepping in the US and European segment to strike for new product market.

With experience in developing wireless product such as Bluetooth and WiFi, we welcome partners to co-operate with us on innovative wireless products on project basis. Our division representing GSL's Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) business and we have been manufacturing many hi-tech electronic products for major customers in Japan and Europe. With these strategic partners, we have been producing variety of products including electronic organizers, PDA, handheld e-mail devices and electronic dictionaries, etc.

Quality is of paramount importance. Apart from applying TQM (Total Quality Management) on a firm-wide basis, the Group also earned the awards of ISO9001 and later ISO 14000.

Over the past 25 years, GSL has been granted numerous awards including the various awards of Hong Kong Awards for Industry -- Consumer Product Design (1995), Technological Achievement (1997), Productivity (1999), Quality (1999) and more than 10 other awards in different categories.

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